Masatoshi Sato was born in Japan. As a child he began learning piano and guitar, and switched to electric bass guitar and later upright bass. When he was fourteen, he moved to Montreal, Canada, there he discovered Jazz. he was inspired by Charlie Haden at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2005 and decided to move to Los Angeles, California. He attended and graduated from California Institute of the Arts studying with many great artists including Charlie Haden, Darek Oles, Peter Rofe from LA phil, Richard Reid, Joe Labarbera, Larry Koonse, John Lindberg and many other great musicians. He is a bassist creating works in both contemporary and traditional Jazz, improvised music, and film scores. He has performed in numbers of concerts, art galleries, festivals, and Jazz competitions throughout U.S, Canada, and Europe. Currently working in the Los Angeles area as well as Europe and Canada with the Trio, Torio and other bands. Past work with Bennie Maupin, Supremes, Marc Sabat, Joe Laberbera, Larry Koonse, Steve Cardenas, etc.

The Essentials: came about as a result of my continuing musical associations and friendships with Frank Silva, Joe Santa Maria, and Andrew Lessman. Simone White is featured on some ocassion in addition to her open approach to interpretations of Jazz standards.

Project: Series XII: This project started with guitarist Alex Noice and drummer Andrew Lessman. After discovering Roberto Rotondo's series of twelve painting. I was inspired to do series of 12 recordings/albums along with Roberto's paintings. These albums will be purely dedicated and inspired by Roberto's 12 painting series and 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Alex and Andrew create masterful, creative, innovative, and stimulating texture to the songs. We will be recording traditional Jazz arrangements as well as original compositions.